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Davie, FL: The Site of a Planned Hotel Near Nova Southeastern University

On the Davie campus, there is talk of constructing a hotel near the campuses of Nova Southeastern University, Florida Atlantic University, and Broward College.

The University Hotel, which will be built on a 2.12-acre property at 6650 Nova Drive, on the southwest corner of College Avenue, will be considered by the town’s Planning & Zoning Board on October 12. A company run by Bryan Hussey of BTH Development in Fort Lauderdale purchased the property for a total of $4.38 million in two transactions in 2020, according to the company’s website. The location used to be home to a Farm Store, which was later destroyed.

127 rooms and 88 parking spots would be available at the proposed four-story hotel, which would also have two electric car charging stations. On the ground level, there would be a swimming pool, a bar, a small market, a fitness facility, and a conference room with a capacity of 794 square feet.

Ideally, Hussey would want to have Hyatt House, a premium extended-stay brand, as the hotel’s primary brand.

“Hyatt House is an excellent choice for this site, given the brand’s success in similar higher-education sectors and its ability to provide an expanded experience that appeals to both business and leisure tourists,” Hussey explained. This facility is perfectly located to attract demand from higher education institutions such as Florida Atlantic University’s Davie campus, the University of Florida’s Food and Agriculture Research Center, Nova Southeastern University’s main campus, and Broward Community College.

Also stated as a cause for the increase in visitors is NSU’s development plans, which include the HCA teaching hospital now under construction that will collaborate with NSU and which will be a partner with the university.

Hussey stated that he would want to begin construction on the hotel as soon as possible after receiving approval from the town.

Fort Lauderdale-based FSMY Architects and Planners created the design for the hotel.

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